Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

Dr. Özgür Turgay

Dr. Özgür Turgay

MD / Wellpoint Group of Companies

• Born in 1975 in Gaziantep graduated Istanbul University Medical Faculty began his professional career in Medline Emergency Health Services company as an ER Doctor.

• After that, he got promoted to Emergency services coordinator and after that to Assistant Manager of Operations.

• In 2008 he worked as CEO of Acıbadem Mobile Health Services and also Executive Committee Member in Acıbadem Health Group.

• He was chosen in Fortune Magazines “The Most Successful and Inspiring 40 CEOs under 40” list three years in a row.

• In 2012 he won the Frost&Sullivan’s Pan European Growth Leadership award.

• One of the most forthcoming names of Turkey’s modern emergency health services Turgay also is the first person to start Air Ambulance, Location determining Call Centres, Emergency Health Call Centres, and services like Telemedicine in our country..

• With his investments in the Informatics sector and modern health managements, he also has independent board memberships in the insurance industry as well.

İcra Kurulu

Mustafa Demirci

Mustafa Demirci

General Manager of Joint Health and Safety Unit

    • Born 1977 in Balıkesir.
    Graduated from Marmara University in 1998 in the Anaesthesia Department and 2006 from Anadolu University Department of Business. He got his postgraduate diploma in 2012 on Work Health and Safety..

    • He started his career in Medline in 1998 as an Ambulance Health Technician and Anesthesiologist.

    • Then until 2007 he worked respectively as Director of Health Technicians , Ankara Regional Director of Operations, Negotiated Corporate Management and Operations Audit Manager of Turkey.

    Demirci, who is the Founding General Manager of Platform WHS since 2007, has brought forward many innovations in the field of Work Health and Safety in both public and private sectors, has made law preparation studies and has led the leadership. He continues to lead the sector by completing his Master's Degree in Occupational Health and Safety.

    Specialized subjects and trainings::

    • First Aid Instructor
    • National Medical Disaster Management
    • 6 Sigma Process Analysis
    • ISO 9001 Internal Auditing

Dr. İlker Abalı

Dr. İlker Abalı

Chief Health Assistant Manager

    •Born 1975 in Mersin. Completed his primary, middle and high school education in İzmir Karşıyaka.
    In 2001 he Graduated from Medical Faculty of Istanbul University

    • Between 1998-2008, he worked respectively as an alarm center operator, alarm center doctor, ambulance doctor, and alarm center manager in Medline; later promoted to Director of Operations.

    • Between 2008-2010 he worked at Acıbadem Mobil as Operation Director.

    • Since 2010, he has been working as the Assistant General Manager responsible for Health Services at Wellpoint and the management of the medical content production team in group company.

Hilal Durdaşoğlu Pekar

Hilal Durdaşoğlu Pekar

Enricher Brand Solutions Founder/General Manager

    • Born in 1985 in Istanbul. After attending Kabataş High School, she graduated from FMV Işık University English Political Sciences. She completed her master's degree in Human Rights at Maltepe University.

    • She worked in the Public Relations team at FMV Işık University, when she was a scholarship student.

    • In 2009, her first book “Ücra” was published.

    • She worked in the Corporate Communication department of Acıbadem Mobil. Later she became Corporate Communication and Marketing Specialist at FIT Solutions Company (Foriba)

    She worked in the Corporate Communication department of Acıbadem Mobil. Later she became Corporate Communication and Marketing Specialist at FIT Solutions Company (Foriba).

    Kasım 2018’de Curative Digital Works ile güçlerini birleştirerek Wellpoint Şirketler Grubu’na katıldı.

    In 2015, she started her own agency, Enricher Brand Solutions with entrepreneurship support. She led many social responsibility projects in the field of Human Rights.

    She joined the Wellpoint Group of Companies by joining forces with Curative Digital Works in November 2018.

    • Specialized subjects and trainings:
    • Brand Management and Marketing
    • Brand Management in the Digital World
    • Leadership and Crisis Management
    • Profitable Sales Techniques

Mustafa Torun

Mustafa Torun

Wellpoint Mali İşler Direktörü

    • Born in Istanbul in 1968. He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration.

    • He started his business life with working in Koçak İlaç in 1989, then he worked in Dünya Newspaper.

    • He worked with the brand launching of Turkey’s first instant coffee Ferrara. He took part in the establishment and organizational structure of the dealer organization.

    • He started to work in Medline as Financial Affairs Manager in 1998. In 2001, he took active responsibility for both financially and administratively in the company merger with Esas Holding.

    • As of 2009, he switched to Acıbadem Mobil and worked there until 2014.

    Since September 2014, he has been working as the Financial Affairs Director at Wellpoint Group of Companies.