Vision And Investment

Our industry is well behind compared to its counterparts in more developed countries in terms of knowledge and experience. Our answer to this problem is (at the moment) our content that we create with a strong sense of social responsibility about the importance of workplace safety and a healthy life. Our social media posts, bulletins, videos and, soon, podcasts. We believe that the future of the health and safety industry is in education and we have designed our growth strategy and investment plans accordingly. We have launched the supergiant project the “EHS Training Centre” which will be a first in Turkey and a grand example in southeastern europe. Meanwhile,within the newly sown seeds of Wellpoint Global, we have just started this year, will bring high technology to Turkey under a number of digital application projects. With the digital health initiative that we have launched in Silicon Valley, after its combined with our training centres will change the game and Wellpoint Global will play an active role on a global scale.