Environment Management System Policies

  • It can provide high-quality service and education to the companies in Turkey that believe in outsourcing. 

  • Finding and inspecting Workplace Safety Experts, Workplace Doctors, and Other Healthcare personnel

  • Creating a team-oriented mentality for all personnel making sure they become loyal happy and open to improve workers by increasing the advancement  and contentment of the employees

  • Becoming a solution partner for our customers by growing in line with our goals and focusing on customer satisfaction

  • Becoming a reliable company by giving service within the expected quality and the due date 

  • Working within WHS and environmental rules and instructions while giving service to the institutions

  • Detecting the risk factors in the workplace and taking necessary precautions accordingly

  • Training our employees about using methods of natural resources, its preservation, and spreading awareness.

  • Increasing the recycling throughout the work environment and minimizing pollution

  • Within legal boundaries and regulations, embracing continuous improvement and always following our policies in quality and WHS and Environment Management System Policies


Wellpoint Group of Companies

Chairman of the Board

Özgür Turgay, MD